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Techniques to Improve Website Conversion Rate and Ranking

Techniques to Improve Website Conversion Rate and Ranking

Simply put, engagement is the ability to carry a user’s attention. In SEO terms, it’s a measure of time spent on a page. If a user spends long time on a page, it’s mean he/she found the page helpful. And since Google only desires to deliver the most effective results to its users, it’ll push sites with solid engagement up in the search engine results pages.

Techniques to Improve Website Conversion Rate and Ranking

Here are few techniques you can use to boost your content in search engines:

  1. post format techniques

Good formatting can rapidly increase your page’s readability. In turn, this can increase your engagement rate. The following three formatting techniques can help to increase your content readability:

Short sentences: Long sentences are tough to follow onscreen. When possible, breakdown long sentences into several shorter sentences.

Short paragraphs: write short paragraph which contain about to 2-3 sentences at most, but use them carefully or your post will look like a bullet-pointed blog without the bullets.

Sub-headers: mostly People don not read on the web; they scan. To make scanning easier, use quite clear and useful sub-headers to guide readers down a page.

Bullet points: When you have a lot of data like ideas, stats, facts, an examples etc. packed them into one paragraph, it will makes it easier to scan when you list them with bullet points.

  1. Use Bucket Brigades

A “bucket brigade” could be a copywriting technique designed to stay capture a reader’s interest and keep them on your page. It basically involves breaking an idea into multiple sentences, employing a trigger word or phrase and so ending the sentence with a colon.

  1. Use Images throughout Your Content

Using professional and high quality images in your content is an easy way to increase engagement. Firstly, images help you show an idea, not just tell it .Secondly, images help you break content into different sections. And finally, people just like beautiful pictures.

  1. Write in the Inverted Pyramid Style

This technique suggests that giving the foremost valuable info at the highest of the article, and following it up with slighter info. It is sensible to offer them what they need as before long as they land on the page.

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