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Free SEO Tools to Optimize Your Domain

Free SEO Tools to Optimize Your Domain

When it is about the proper optimization of a web domain for any business venture, the brand, as well as a third-party SEO expert, knows the importance of the various free seo tools to optimize your domain. These SEO tools provide a venture owner with the advantages that include various advanced features; from storing data to online assistance.

Here is the list of all free and easy to access/use tools for optimizing your domain.

Tools for data analytics:



There are a number of free to use SEO tools for the Data Analytics part of the optimization. Here you can measure the performance of the keyword searches, SERP management, keyword evaluation and analysis of competitor profile.

  1. Bing Webmaster

Everyone knows about Google Webmaster with its variety of features. But the Bing Webmaster is a tool that performs very well as far as search analytics is concerned. Search and analyze vital site data like crawling and keyword report generation using the Bing webmaster tool.

  1. Google Analytics

The most popular tool for web analytics as far as SEO is concerned. It is a free tool and works superlatively with all the Google products, including Data Studio, Optimize and the Search Console.

Tools for crawling and indexing:


  1. Beams Us Up

This one is free to use a desktop crawler. However, the Beams Us Up won’t offer you all the features like the fully functional and loaded Screaming Frog, but you still get a fully functional crawler. But keep in mind that the tool is limited to only Windows devices.

  1. Screaming Frog

If you are looking to perform small scale site audits you can use the Screaming Frog. The free version allows about 500 URLs per crawls. There is a paid version available as well with better functionality and full features; still, the free version has its benefits as well.

Tools for keyword research:


There are numerous tools available for performing keyword research.

  1. Answer the Public tool

If you are looking to get your hands on a question list for a set of keywords, this is the flawless tool to select for.

  1. Keyword Planner

If you are in the practice of buying Google Ads and this free tool is just for you. It provides you with all the data that you need as a brand for planning high-value keywords. You can add filters according to the country and your geographic location. Once you get used to the tool, you can even search for metrics, plus the competition and volume as well.

  1. Keywords Everywhere

This is a popular tool used by many SEO experts worldwide. There is a browser extension available for Chrome as well as Firefox, and it provides you with access to keyword suggestions.

Tools to aid linking features:


There are several free tools that you can use to evaluate the linking features as well as the back-links.

  1. Disavow

This is the perfect tool if you are looking to remove consequences. It is a bit complicated to find since you are not supposed to require it. But if you are looking to fend off harmful SEO, then Disavow is perfect for you.

  1. Link Miner

The Link Miner is a free to use extension for your browser with link building features within your domain. You can find broken links for all your domain pages and check through all the essential metrics for linking.

Tools for building local SEO:


There are some free tools for building up local SEO as well.

  1. Google My Business

This is the main tools when you are looking to optimize the local SEO. If you are looking to claim a business locally, reply to reviews and manage the listing data, Google My Business is just the tool you are looking for.

  1. Google Review Link Generator

If you are looking to generate a review for your domain and products on offer, you need to provide the URL to the users. The Review Link Generator is the tool to use.


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