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Basic SEO Strategies that Never Affects by any Algorithm Updates

Basic SEO Strategies that Never Affects by any Algorithm Updates

Basic SEO Strategies that Never Affects by any Algorithm Updates

SEO algorithms are referring to game-changing step by the professionals or analysts. It’s good to take notice of these updates, as they frequently represent new ranking prospects in SERPs, or introduce new measures for webmasters that you should possibly observe with.Google changes its algorithms each year many times with small and major updates. The major algorithm updates can be stressful but don’t be panic and focus your mind to make a best and basic SEO strategy that never affected by any algorithm updates.

Let’s talk about these basic helpful SEO strategies of a website:


Basic SEO Strategies that Never Affects by any Algorithm Updates2


Website Structure

The website design and structure is going to indicate how Google and other search engines evaluate your site, and how it becomes visible in SERPs. Website structured markup may also be used to offer exact types of content when users search for it which users will be able to see straight away in search engines.

Website Links and Navigations

Some visitors can become confused or impatient when clicking a bunch of links to get to where they want to be. In large or ecommerce websites, this can be complex to decrease the links. You can add navigation links to external pages and breadcrumbs are the best ways to help the visitor. A visitor can see where he/she is on the website and the path back-up the navigation path they took.

Website Content

Quality of content is a must for any website. Success on Google depends on directing users to the best online content and that means, to stand a chance of attaining search visibility, a website owner has to create and promote great contents.

Website Visibility to Search Engines Bots

Best technical SEO is all about making sure your website loads accurately, presents the right pictures of your brand/services and most importantly is visible to search engines bots. While some technical factors of algorithms may not be constant, but the broad need to keep your website visible and load quickly.

Avoid Spamming and Rank Manipulation

Google rewards those websites that make efforts to give more value to their visitors, so if your website caught trying to game the system, it is going to pay a price. Black-hat search optimizers often use tricks like link schemes, link spamming, keyword stuffing, and hidden keywords. All these are for trying to boost website’s rankings without putting any effort. Google algorithms have enhanced its ability to detect and crack down on these spammers.

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