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Pay per Click marketing is a highly focused and cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to a business website. This method is adopted by many companies offering PPC services in Islamabad Pakistan as it is not only offers instant qualified leads from the advertising but also brings results that can be tracked and measured.


Leveraging Pay Per Click advertising along with SEO and professional Web design can help businesses maximize their return on investment in Pay Per Click ads that convert. The process contains researching and making a keywords list, creating ads and focused landing pages, managing the bids and monitoring them for optimum performance.

How does PPC work?
Pay per click advertising is an exceptional method where advertisers pay only when someone clicks their ad and lands on their website. This is called “cost per click”. This is an extreme targeted model as the ads are displayed in search results that relate to the keywords used. It means that people who are specifically looking for the business’ services and products.

                                                      Steps involved in managing PPC campaign



ppc campaign1. Keyword selection
Keyword research, analysis and selection is the first step in ppc campaign as these are the words users will type into the search engine to discover the product, service or information. The search engine matches the user’s search keywords to bring up the best results. The business must maintain the list of keywords to target so that it can find out which ones convert the most.

2. Creating targeted PPC ads

The next step is creating ads that convert. PPC services in Islamabad recommend composing different variations of ads and building landing pages focused on keywords. This is followed by continuous testing to optimize the ones that result in sales. These ads can be targeted to a specific location.

3. Bidding
Bidding is another important part of PPC advertising where the goal is to get the maximum leads at the least expense. Bids must be optimized based on keyword performance constantly to monitor the ROI and guarantee the best results.

4. Measurement
One of the main advantages of Pay per Click advertising is its capability to be monitored and measured and analyzed. That makes it possible to examine the keywords, drop the non-performers and focus on the ones that bring results. The campaign can be constantly improved.

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